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This is my 3rd entry on Huion contests. 3rd time's a charm!
I chose life as my journey theme.

Martin kikkas 11 png
Martin kikkas x5

The egg represents birth. Blue and pink colors in the sky means masculine and feminine energies.

Martin kikkas x1

Road represents our life journey, it splits with every life choices and road itself is not straight, but devious. Middle of the art, there is dude sitting on stone with cat companion. Thinking/ meditating, because there is new choice in his life.

Martin kikkas x2

Water is as emotion pond, sometimes we need to cool down our feelings, thats why I added red color , steam and ice cube there.

Martin kikkas x4

There are some runes on bigger rock on the right and it means " You do not own anything. Everything is borrowed. "

Martin kikkas x6

Forest has eyes, we all have demons inside us. But ppl may never see them.
And the Huion logo, it is a must have for the contest.

Martin kikkas x3

And there is Death peeking on the clouds and waits, when the road ends.

Martin kikkas gif02